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The maintenance of the European style sofa

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-19
Europe type style home has many are with the type of leather furniture, of course, the leather is also very need maintenance, so how to maintenance the leather? Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to introduce friends to. A, once a week with a clean towel dipped in water to sofa gently dry after dry. If there is dirt on the leather, wipe with a clean wet sponge in scour, or cloth dips in proper concentration of soap water to wash brush, then let it dry naturally. Second, if found to have holes, broken, burning phenomenon, should ask professional personage to clean up. To avoid oil and chemical solvent decoloring oil, wax regularly, or on a jacket in case maintenance, don't hang the garment folding appropriate USES hangers at ordinary times, not in the sun insolates, don't put when stored in mothballs, lest produce chemical reaction, making skin hardens. Three, leather absorption, adsorption capacity is strong, anti-fouling, should be paid attention to in spring and autumn season best with a leather softener. Common when wiping sofa do not energetically rub is brushed, so as not to damage the skin.
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