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The maintenance of Europe type furniture and allocate the trick

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-07
More prevalent in our country in recent years most of the European civil furniture, uninhibited du to magnificent baroque and rococo style in slim and beautiful, but most people don't know how to proceed with the deployment of European civil furniture, should be a combination of European civil furniture first pay attention to two points. A cream color too much now, so customers are mostly choose furniture first, and then to allocate. When allocate space so you need to pay attention to, want to use as the main color with the color of the furniture with color, and then on the basis of the proper increase of contrast color soft accessories, may increase the color in the middle of the accessories, to build an elegant air is mixed. 2 avoid deserve to act the role of wrong to European civil furniture sends out its charm, cannot leave the deserve to act the role of the foil effect, wallpaper, lamps and lanterns, hang a picture, floor, the use of home textile products have enough is enough, the wallpaper to be able to choose has a heavy and complicated patterns, stripes, floral art pictures may have a story and characters, and ask for a rounded lines, light and soft lamps and lanterns, modelling is like that of the lamp of iron art branch is an excellent choice, hang a picture requires mo chongcai, frame also want ability to match massiness, curtains and bedding should pay attention to, the texture of the claims with tassels, lace as decoration. Three daily maintenance waxing let furniture looks luster and the surface will not be vacuuming, cleaning up is simple, if furniture surface is dirty, should with feather duster first kind of soft surface dust cleaner, and scrub with a soft cloth quietly, but with a few water or detergent to clean plate. Can use 'furniture detailer' periodically for disposal, to adhere to the cabinet put oneself in another's position with the internal clean, hardware decoration ( Contains gold plated) Only need to quietly with dry dishcloth do, do not use detergent containing chemical substances, avoid by all means use acid liquid cleaning, if appear more difficult to remove the black spots on the surface of the gold plating, heat the scrubbing and cleaning are available, and how the introduction of small make up have let us have a kind of the original feeling of the maintenance and deployment of Europe type furniture?
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