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The maintenance of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-03
Most European furniture now by the likes of owner, buy European furniture after we want to make the maintenance work, can make furniture service life extension, so how to maintenance of Europe type furniture? European furniture below small make up to a brief introduce of Europe type furniture maintenance method. First, assume that furniture surface dirt, before cleaning the furniture, should use soft cleaner, such as chicken feather duster first back-to-back surface dust disposal, scrub with a soft cloth quietly, but with a few water or appropriate washing agent after liquidation. About plate, can use periodic 'furniture maintains fluid' after disposal, to adhere to the cabinet put oneself in another's position inside clean together. Furniture maintenance is very important, should avoid to put in the orientation of the exposure to the sun for a long time, always not to be too cold or heat, sharp or rough at the bottom of the item directly on the surface of the furniture, also do not will be solvent applied directly on the surface of the table. Under normal circumstances, each quarter play wax can only make furniture looks shiny and surface not vacuuming, cleaning up in brief. Of choose and buy time to watch the elegant styling, some defect of European classical style furniture, appear very dull appearance style, especially the classical performance of some typical details, such as arc perhaps whirlpool decorate appear low. Second, watch for information and the European classical style furniture must be good data to appear. The stand or fall of careful sealing side information, careful sealing side have the phenomenon of uneven, cock. When choosing, we can see the door of furniture, drawers joint space, assume that gap is big, clarify coarsely, time grew also deformation; We can see furniture material from hinge slot and hole drilling. We choose some color in household, of course, can you work with all furniture of choose and buy.
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