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The maintenance and cleaning of furniture maintain knowledge _ single bed

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-08

( The preface] Today, is the theme of the french country furniture maintain the single bed of maintenance and cleaning of knowledge; 。

bed maintenance instructions

1. Daily wipe try choosing twist dry cotton towel, about 2 - leather bed 3 months of use leather cleaner to a clean bed, or with a home vacuum cleaner dust suction surface of the bed away.

2。 Vacuuming work to on a regular basis, if can to once a week is better, vacuuming thoroughly, also be sure to remove the cracks in the bed in place, also can use towel to wipe.

bed cleaning instructions

1. Ordinary brushed with a feather duster or soft cloth dust on the surface of the can, to note here is that after with wet wool cloth to wipe, should immediately with a dry towel to wipe. Different bed, on the surface of the paint process is different, so pay attention to the use of different maintenance methods, waxing is a kind of good method of maintenance.

2。 Wooden bed avoid damp environment and direct sunlight, for example, placed in the window, the curtain should be installed in the position of the window. Don't put the wooden bed beside the export or dehumidifier air conditioning, because of the high temperature air and moisture can damage wood.

3。 Finally, when clean wooden bed, can choose neutral soap with warm water.

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