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The maintenance and cleaning of furniture maintain knowledge _ shoe ark

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-14

( The preface] In daily life, shoe ark is generally used to store some spare shoes. As people living standard rising, on the basis of the original wooden shoe ark, spawned many other material and style of shoe. When the shoe ark of maintenance and cleaning should pay attention to what details? Let's learn:

how to properly maintain a shoe?

1。 Dust on the surface of the shoe ark, can choose a clean soft cloth to wipe. At the same time, avoid, oil and acid and alkali substances such as contact, if necessary, can choose to use the right amount of industrial alcohol wipe the surface of the door plank.

2。 Clean shoe ark and mirror glass surface dirt, should choose the special detergent to clean up.

3。 Do not use the heavy percussion shoe board face, not to mention sharps scratch shoe cabinet door plank. In use process, if the local post surface panel found with slotted phenomenon, should give timely repair, to avoid the crack is too big, lead to bending and completely unusable.

how to properly clean shoe?

1。 Regular service shoe ark. Normally a quarter need maintenance a advisable, specific maintenance steps: the shoe with a clean soft cloth after the dust and stains on the surface of the cleaning, evenly smear on the face of the shoe on a layer of wax. Such doing can effectively protect the shoe from damp, burns and wounds.

2。 In view of the position by sear cigarette, if just been seared surface paint layer, can choose fine water sand paper to touch water to wipe the stain, then play wax polish.

3。 If it is scratch dark wooden shoe ark to use sand paper to grind, then polishing can be localized.

4。 For damage to wooden ark, be sure to lacquer goes up afresh after local burnish, can make the shoe surface glossy durable, resistant to moisture.

5。 Shoe ark of metal handle and hardware fittings can also play wax polish, then wipe with a soft cloth, so that we can make it turn more flexible, at the same time, it can also resist oxidation, prevent rust.

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