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The kitchen layout form

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-12
In order to study the effect of the usage of kitchen equipment layout of the kitchen, usually is to use so-called triangulation to discuss work. Working triangle, it is prepared by the storage, and clean, cook attachment of triangle between three work center. Theoretically, the smaller the total length of the triangle, the people working in the kitchen when the intensity of labor and the less time consuming. It is generally believed that when the work side of a triangle were greater than 6. 7 meters, the kitchen is not too good, more suitable for digital control in 3 is the sum of the length. 5 - 6 meters. Will tell to average household, in order to simplify the calculation, also can use the refrigerator, sink and stove inside the kitchen work triangle to analyze and research the problem such as equipment layout and zoning, obtained reasonable layout in the kitchen.

1。 U kitchen

U plane is a very efficient way of kitchen layout. When using this kind of arrangement, advantage is mainly embodied in the following two aspects:

1) Indoor basic traffic line and the inside the kitchen work triangle off completely.

( 2) Decorate area does not need very big, but is very convenient to use.

2。 Peninsula kitchen of type

peninsula type kitchen and U type is similar to the kitchen, but one part wall, cooking center often arranged on the peninsula, and is usually the kitchen and dining room or family room with peninsula connected.

3。 L

L kitchen is stick, or instrument that is designed to counter in two adjacent continuous arrangement on the wall. Work triangle avoids the route of transport links, the remaining space can put other kitchen facilities, such as dining and laundry facilities. But when L wall of the kitchen is too long, slightly feeling is compact enough to use.

4。 Corridor type kitchen

decorate corridor along two sides wall type kitchen, for long, narrow room, is a very practical way, but must pay attention to the problem is to avoid excessive traffic through the work triangle, otherwise you will feel difficult to use.

5。 Single wall kitchen

for small apartment, small trees, or only the small house of little space available, single wall of the kitchen is a good design. Several work center is located in a line, constitute a very nice layout. However, when using this kind of arrangement, must pay attention to avoid the front; Too long, and must provide adequate storage facilities and adequate operation table.


this island island kitchen; ACTS as the several different parts of the dividers in the kitchen. Usually set a mantelpiece or a pool of water, or both, at the same time from each side of the all can use it to the nearest, sometimes in the island; Still decorate on some other design, such as the control center, luncheonette, additional water tank and snacks at the counter.

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