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The kitchen design and layout information

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-12
The kitchen is every housewife or a good husband every day (see article). Even if just do a simple common, also needs to be done from the dishes to wash dishes, clean and tidy, such as rice cooking to many working procedure. Even if the kitchen area is small, it also will have store up ark, stoves, pool and workbench, and other essential facilities. Therefore, in order to make people have a cooking function reasonable, beautiful and comfortable environment, also need to decorate and beautify the meticulously.

general kitchen work flow are: storage, catering, Pool, workbench, stoves) , processing and equipment eat, cooking cleaning. Usually, the main working point fall in the pool, workbench and stove, because contact closely, so they should be set up together, and should be in the same level. Store up ark in the workbench and pool, wall cupboard above the stove, and in the workbench, the ambry of oven under two. Can be what you want to store according to their frequency of use and the workbench, pool and put the relationship between the difference of the oven. Such as oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, sugar, spices, such as in the use of catering and cooking, so it can be put on the workbench and stoves at the top of the condole ark, so take put; Bowl, plate, such as the best in the work of the cabinet, so convenient access at any time when cooking, and convenient storage after cleaning; Rice flour food is one-time use more, location can be slightly off center. In short, in order to reduce people's labor, improve the work efficiency for the purpose. Create a reasonable claim for kitchen space.

in the kitchen cooking soot pollution, pay attention to the ventilation, conditional to install the fan or smoke lampblack machine. The kitchen interior also should choose ceramic tile, Mosaic, stainless steel, bright and clean, fireproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, easy to clean material. Imitation CiXing plastic wall brick, because of its cheap, construction is convenient, and bright colors and popular.

color of the kitchen, appropriate USES high brightness and low purity and hue slants warm color. Shallow light and bright color, make the small kitchen appear capacious; The colour of low purity, make kitchen kind, harmonious, full of warmth; Hue slant warm color, make kitchen space atmosphere is lively and enthusiasm, can increase appetite.

the decoration inside the kitchen also is indispensable. POTS and pans, POTS and pans, these more cluttered but lay aside is put in the cabinet or rack, and appropriate choice a few pieces of shape and color more beautiful kimchi, electric rice cooker and hot water bottle on the door, or frame, with beautiful fabric cover pan for concise and beautiful visual effect in the kitchen. Also can hang on the wall a few white porcelain, MATS, and with beautiful patterns and color napkin, take a pot of gloves, all of these can you add a lot of fun in the kitchen.

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