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The kitchen decorative details

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-16
Kitchen decoration should be based on principles of bright and clean, bright, neat, the selected material colour should be fresh, simple but elegant and have convenient cleaning, not easily, can be well protected against dampness heat, durability is better.

1。 Ground

the ground of the kitchen, and high humidity operation start frequency is large and easy fat pollution, so the selection materials mainly consider the wet resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproof, prevent slippery and easy to clean, prevent slippery floor tile or plastic floor is normally used.


the wall of the kitchen, wall due to the influence of the air medium oil smoke gas, easy generation greasy dirt, therefore, appropriate chooses bright and easy to clean, and water resistant, heat resistant wall material, should be paid attention to in the selection of the specifications of the wide shoulds not be too small, otherwise will bring inconvenience for cleaning up.

3。 Ceiling

simple smallpox ceiling attached to the original building, can use emulsioni paint or colorful cement paint, performance in besmear to brush, spray can. Such as smallpox condole top, shall be used for fire protection, thermal and not pollution materials, such as plastic gusset plate, perforated aluminum plate, etc.

4。 Lighting lighting and air conditioning work more multifarious overworked,

cooking requires careful, pay attention to health, lighting lighting is the premise of meet these requirements. Therefore, must ensure that the kitchen have sufficient lighting and suitable lighting, the larger the window, lighting, ventilation, exhaust effect is better, but the wall of the kitchen is often used as collection hang buy to all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of trivial, therefore it is impossible to a large number of reference natural lighting, so you have to arrange local lighting and the overall lighting to adjust the kitchen light during the day, and ensure the safe usage of the night, the night.

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