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The introduction of European style furniture material

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-07
Expensive furniture of Europe type style is not just because of its complex pattern, elegant lines, the design of the atmosphere, and its materials also have a certain relationship, and not the furniture of Europe type furniture does not use cheap materials such as plywood, but use, is the more expensive material, real wood so Europe type furniture raw materials with which wood do? Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to do the answer to you. Cherry wood, is popular with European, woodiness is harder than the peach blossom core wood. Pink material, the relatively small production, general use homebred southwest birch counterfeit in the market. Oak, texture is bulky, mainly in the history of European civil furniture, also is commonly known as the white wood furniture in China, we usually noble rarely used oak furniture. Europe type furniture material is better now. American on the market ( American decoration) Furniture advocate material is oak, visible ring on the market at present the furniture is made of oak. Teak, is the best zhou as Europe type furniture. Corrosion resistant, mothproof and has a beautiful golden yellow color, is called the king of all wood, is Europe type furniture material in chrysanthemum pear, rosewood. The British brand that can be seen on the domestic furniture market at present, d the STVILLA is teak production of Europe type furniture. Especially in Europe, is a mahogany wood species of French top utilization rate. Not corrosion resistance, easy carving and polishing, with the passage of time, from pink to beautiful deep red. Mach's furniture is currently visible on the market, is the typical products of mahogany. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, furniture of Europe type style materials, of course actually Europe type furniture material is not only these, the small make up of Europe type furniture list several of the reason is that these materials are made of representative, finally the small make up of Europe type furniture hope this article can bring you some help.
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