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The hall: the important facade of the bedroom

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-01
The hall is into the path of the bedroom.

when the guests entered the hall, to the whole bedroom space has a preliminary identification of opportunities. At the same time, the process of the guests in the hall, earned his master to adjust receiving psychological preparation time. Few words between the hall, the emotional communication exchanged between the two sides first met, the hall is a greetings etiquette space, therefore, hallway greeted the guests in the process, has played a buffer role.

hallway also have storage function. People in and out of the hall a temporary change to take off the shoes, the rain and snow weather, go out need to use umbrellas, raincoats and does use of sports equipment, etc. , most can be stored in the locker of the foyer space setting.

some hallway is bigger, can also be placed mensal, chair or table, case, etc. , used in the work, entertainment, thus increasing the vestibular function use of space.

when people threshold, the first to see not the stately inside the bedroom, the first thing you encounter is the hall. At first glance, it tend to be more impressive. So, don't put the hallway just as a common channel to use, it should also become an important scenic spot in the bedroom.

standing in the hallway, is to appreciate other bedroom a viewing Angle that nots allow to ignore. Through the foyer to decorate, can make people in the hall for indoor environment has the look and feel of the whole, and not cut to the chase, take in everything in a glance. By distinctive vestibular design and decorate, can make the person feels indoor environment decoration, french country furniture is decorated, display, etc. , like some wonderful landscape in the Chinese classical garden, there are have a mask, in the flower show window lattice, borrow scene home, hide the dew, full of poetic.

vestibular elaborate design and decoration, to give full play to the hall of indoor whole observation position advantage, conditions of use of the special space of the hall, make the hall external window and facade.

through the hallway of the elaborate design and decorate, can make the wonderful lens produced in narrow space and the first impression of the moment.

hallway is small, mooring dongwu Wan Lizhi seem to ship. As a result, it is easy to see: the hall, the bedroom of the appearance is also important.

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