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The geomantic contraindication of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-06
Magnificent European style emphasize that to feel more visual effects for the choice, and the requirements of traditional household of feng shui is emphasis on practical and applicable with people, the pool of the sitting room of Europe type tend to use big lamp, with luxuriant foliage light foil atmosphere, if the sitting room is just in the house of a word, it is very wrong, if the fierce can also. ​ Ou in domestic outfit tend to put some metallic furniture is usually with copper, silver plated although reflect the feeling of luxury, but for some this life avoid is the owner of gold is not appropriate, if you want to secure insurance to speak advice not to insert the metal elements. General European style kitchen is open, in fact, for the traditional Chinese food culture, open is not appropriate, and of course this is the first, second YangZhai third, we need to 'door main kitchen stove is refers to the kitchen. The kitchen in the feng shui is a very important position, the environment also should close the bar, through shoulds not be leaked internal heat. Then open the door and gate location relative to the kitchen stove, it is very unlucky. So again when using European style also should pay attention to the feng shui elements above, as far as possible to two or morethings, that does not lose the luxury and beautiful and harmonious. If Rome pillars as the decoration of the sitting room is good, but if you put is not the position of great influence to indoor feng shui. Because often form a like is very bad. If it is a square column, if cry to the door that's words, if the cylinder is the symbol of the trapped a like. In general the characteristics of the ornaments in the bedroom is so not care about, can build atmosphere can also show the beauty of the piece, but from the Angle of furniture is put feng shui, put different decorations has its role, put a few mascot or pictures can be suitable for every family, if you put a few sad words let's feelings are hit me effect, influence mood.
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