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The furniture of different standard classification ( On)

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-26
category, according to different standard furniture can be divided into different categories. This period, we mainly introduce according to the use function and furniture material french country furniture category:

1. According to use function classification

according to the different human body with the use of furniture, furniture can put into sit furniture, storage with furniture and lean on three categories.

reclining furniture direct contact with the human body, plays a supporting role of the human body, such as chair, bench, sofa, bed, etc. Its main function is to adapt to the person's work or rest, and should make people sit comfortable sleep, rest and improve the work efficiency.

storage furniture has indirect relation with people, play a storage goods or as the role of space space, such as cabinet, cabinet, shelf, etc. Its main function is to store and is conducive to all kinds of things, when convenient.

by lean on sex of furniture has a direct relationship with people, it plays an auxiliary human activities and most objects, such as desk, table, a few. Its main function is to satisfy and adapt to the sat in the station, and the necessary auxiliary plane height, or as a storage space of the item.

2。 According to

furniture material classification according to the material of furniture can be divided into different wooden furniture, bamboo furniture, cane to make furniture, soft furniture, skeleton plastic furniture and metal furniture.

wooden furniture is the most commonly used, its main characteristic is modelling is rich, pure color, texture clear and abound change, small thermal conductivity, has certain elasticity and permeability.

bamboo furniture is the main characteristic of wooden furniture, also has the characteristics of delicate and pretty elegant, bright and clean, cool, often used in the southern climate burning hot area.

cane to make furniture colour and lustre is simple but elegant, pure and fresh and pleasant, with light structure, style diversity, modelling is curvaceous, easy to accord with the requirement of human body engineering, does not have local flavor and natural charm.

soft furniture mainly refers to spring bed with cushion, sofa and sofa chair. Its function is to increase the contact area of the body and furniture, per unit area of under pressure to reduce the human body, avoid or reduce the body parts due to stress concentration and the ache, and helps people to adjust the position, when sit when people sit relaxed nature, suitable for the physiological structure of human body.

plastic furniture is the product of modern industry, it has a simple process ( Can a shape or stamping) , light weight, colourful, modelling novel, beautiful, price is low wait for an advantage, is very promising.

metal skeleton furniture is made by metal frame and wood, glass, plastic, or a mix of marble slabs, etc. It is concise, lightweight flexible, full of contemporary feeling.

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