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The furniture of different standard classification ( Below)

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-14
Front, we introduced the function according to use classification details of furniture and furniture material next, we will introduce according to the structure and use of the characteristics of furniture classification:

3. Points

the form of the structure form of the structure of different furniture french country furniture can be divided into traditional frame structure, board type furniture, tear open outfit furniture, furniture, inflatable furniture, etc.

traditional furniture USES a framework mortise structure, its characteristic is framework supporting role, and plays a role of retaining panels only. This kind of furniture on the production and use are not very convenient, the volume is larger, the lack of flexibility and variability, in many ways already cannot satisfy the need of modern life.

board type furniture is to use a variety of different specifications of the plate, with the help of binder or special fittings to stitching. One plate for thin board or particieboard, honeycomb paper board and other man-made board. These plank both palisade role, and plays a role of bearing and. Its characteristic is to save timber, simple structure, flexible combination, modelling concise, contemporary, and easy to implement mechanization and automation production.

refers to tear open outfit furniture than with the hardware fittings to connect board type french country furniture more tear open outfit, more flexible, a kind of furniture. As a kind of the sofa of tear open outfit freely, is composed of a few boards with notches, assembly, just put the board through the slot plug each other, put on soft mat, can be assembled into a novel and comfortable sofa. Need not when, can be split into several simple piece of wood and rubber cushion, can completely in the carton in the storage, carrying or transportation. Disassembling furniture parts shape is simple, easy to implement mechanization production.

fold furniture is opened, the characteristics of fold when not in use, small volume, covers an area of less, movement, accumulation, transportation and storage is very convenient, is suitable for narrow bedroom area of our country family. Fold furniture is a lot of more phyletic, the common folding table, folding chairs, folding stool, folding bed, etc.

stent is a kind of light and simple furniture, furniture is composed of metal stents or wood and shelf. It can hang on the wall, also can support on the ground, but the common characteristic is close to the wall, can be arbitrarily on the vertical height of development, thus take up bedroom space is small, can also play the role of rich walls and space. In addition, the number of the shelf and interval can be in accordance with the need to adjust, use rise very convenient and flexible.

in addition, there are unique inflatable furniture appearance and function, and with a special mould casting out of hard plastic furniture and foamed plastic furniture, etc.

4。 By using characteristic points

by using the different characteristics, furniture can be divided into suit furniture, combination furniture, multi-purpose furniture and fixed furniture, etc.

suit furniture is to meet the needs of the user as a whole, for the pursuit of the overall effect of the uniform design, manufacture and complete sets of bedroom furniture. Its characteristic is to make each piece of furniture to meet, on the basis of their respective functions, on the scale, colour, moldings and decoration have obvious in common, to create the beauty of harmony.

combination furniture is composed of a number of standard parts or furniture units, series furniture common units, combination of sofa and use a unified standard cabinet, cabinet of the modulus, the combination of the furniture such as tables and chairs, 'she said. Assorted ark advantage is covers an area of small, storage form, functional changes more and more diversified. Popular with our large family. At present, the production of a combination of furniture, the flexibility of its equipping actually small, far from the real flexible combination of the requirements. If can shrink to combine furniture unit, or even to have unified module board, can follow one's inclinations of the combination, I'm afraid this is a development direction in the future.

multi-purpose furniture is a piece of furniture at the same time has the function of two or more. Such as sit lie sofa bed of the dual-purpose and even ark of desk of both storage and writing features, etc. Its characteristic is the use of flexible, save a space, which are useful for small area of the bedroom.

fixed furniture is fixed on the building structures can't move the furniture. Settings such as the kitchen condole ark and racks, etc. It can meet the requirements of storage, display, decoration and so on, and can make full use of space, save the usable floor area, strengthen the environment of the whole.

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