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The function of the bedroom dresser and classification

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-02
Woman in the world all want to look radiant and beautiful. Dressing beauty become their indispensable important activities every day. In the bedroom with a dresser that is provides a place for grooming, also the scents for the bedroom fondle mei and gentleness.

dresser is for beauty and cosmetics, but in small bedroom, if properly designed, it can balance the desk, bedside table, or a few, and other functions. At the same time, it's unique shape, large pieces of mirror and table display of colorful cosmetics, can make indoor environment more beautiful.

generally by the toilet glass dresser, the dressing table, dressing cabinet, vanity chair and lamps and lanterns. Toilet glass are large and often present plane design, this person that can make the dress more clearly see their facial every Angle. Dresser dedicated lighting lamps and lanterns is best installed on both sides of the mirror, so light can evenly on the person's face. If the lamps and lanterns in the mirror above, will be in the eye, shading, influence makeup effect.

the scale of the dresser in general can be divided into two categories: the first category, dressing can put the leg in mesa, the advantage is that near the mirror, the face is clear, easy to dress and make up, still can put the dressing stool in the audience at ordinary times, does not occupy a space. This type of dressing table height is 70 - 74 cm, mesa of 35 - 55 cm. The second category, dressing the legs are on the dresser. This form generally introduced large mirror, make most dressing can appear in the mirror, and can add to the interior spacious feeling. Such highly 45 - dresser For 40-60 centimeters, width Up to 50 centimeters.

vanity chair can be made into a variety of forms such as round, square, rectangle, height is according to the scale of the dresser, in 35 - commonly 45 cm in between.

according to the function of the dresser and arrangement, it can be divided into independent type and combined type two kinds. Detached the dresser separate, doing so is more flexible and optional, adornment effect is tend to be more prominent. Modular is set dresser and other french country furniture combination, this way is suitable for family by the lack of space.

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