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The factors affecting natural drying of wood

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-11
There are many influence factors of wood with natural drying, generally can be divided into the following three aspects: 1.

The influence of air temperature and humidity

natural drying and utilization of the natural air temperature, humidity and air movement. Natural dry, needed to evaporate the moisture from the wood of heat by natural supply, so the climate and weather has a significant effect on natural drying. Winter and summer, for example, and the regional climate is different, the drying speed is also different. And like a winter and summer, and climate is different from region to region, drying speed is different; And as rain or wet days, drying speed is slow. Although winter dry, temperature is rather low, so very little moisture evaporation, especially when water freezes, internal water stop moving, dry ground to a halt. Plum rains season even higher temperature, but suitable for fungi reproduction; The summer sun exposure, as dry quickly and easy to occur fissures; Climate more when wet, please select a well-ventilated place or proper ventilation in place of wood drying. Natural drying, therefore, must pay attention to the local temperature, humidity, and the strength of the wind, in the beginning more appropriate choice, and according to the weather situation to install the necessary auxiliary facilities.

at the beginning of the rainy season and dry, not very appropriate. If in the rainy season when the outer dry to a certain degree, is more good. Dry wood drying need half a year or even one year, the second in the spring, dry march is good - when temperature a little higher, and fungi produce less, the moisture in wood slowly evaporating, stay to warm season, has dried to a certain extent, showed, because of lumber moisture content is smaller, pest decay and color change very little risk, to summer, while the temperature is higher, at the same time is also very high humidity, so there is no danger of crack, but the good drying conditions.

2。 Accumulation is the direction and the influence of the wind

natural dry wood, piling up around is open, so the external drying quickly, internal dry slowly. Therefore, need good air circulation, dry inside and outside the same. In order to make the wood pile inside the well ventilated, so need to choose appropriate stow-wood, accumulation and research methods. Ordinary wood accumulation parallel to the direction of the wind, the effect is better. So, need to study the local wind direction, and then make a decision direction. If the wind too, will be subjected to surface wind is required to cover them. Air flow and the discretion of the terrain and the surrounding state, natural dry should be according to local conditions with the proper equipment.

3。 The influence of the terrain and the surrounding condition

several angles, such as terrain, or sand drains well, dry wood on this foundation, the result is good. Impeded drainage or wet areas, not only poor drying, and corrupt bacteria reproduce, wood was extremely easily, so for the foundation of the drainage needs special attention. Surrounded by tall buildings, or surrounded by trees, or valleys, wet places, not suitable for the natural drying, because in these places dry, just pile up the outside of the dry, and internal corruption will slowly below; When necessary, but the ground mat is high, or wood distance increased, easy air circulation, for wood drying. Dry field is located in the rural or mountainous material, on the technical conditions and economic than in the city.

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