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The difference between the European furniture and American furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-25
Small make up today is to introduce to you, about the difference between European furniture and American furniture. Europeans are more traditional, do manual work is delicate, exquisite, americans tend to be more casual, request a comfortable home, 2 it is easy, the latter comfort, leisure degree is in place. But the former office or home, all kinds of furniture is more formal, dignified; And American line feels very smooth, very casual appearance. In the wardrobe, for example, european-style wardrobe is traditional style, while American side can have an Angle, there is an edge, a curve, personalized prominent. 'Europe type furniture is very traditional, relatively single. 'Some experts said,' as long as it is pure of, general style is basically the same, no matter what its changing, also just a few, like clothes, multiple pockets is nothing but you, my little pocket change. 'In addition, the complicated European carve patterns or designs on woodwork, thick, while the American simple. On collocation, decoration is different also, some European jewelry feel elegant, dignified, pursue the overall effect, and American accessories relatively casual, don't need too much decoration, a lot of times some artificial flowers, bonsai. Well the above is the small make up to bring us, about the introduction of European furniture and American furniture distinction, hope can bring you help.
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