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The details of the solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-30

at home, many people have real wood is complex, have a special liking to solid wood furniture. But hold & quot; But at a distance and do not use to play how & quot; Attitude. Because now routines too much, inundated with buyers. Even an old driver for real no research, also can have on the pit.

Chinese medicine pay attention to listening, asking and wood furniture selection is also want to do, Listening, asking and; 。 Namely, a look, two, three, four. Step by step through the skills to identify, to know the stand or fall of solid wood furniture.


generally good furniture, open cupboard door, drawer, the wood is dry, white, clear, clear texture, texture closely, fine. And those made of inferior material processing french country furniture cannot reach that level. Check the drawer slide and positioning, all open the cupboard door and drawer, make sure they are installed properly, use clear.

constant friends furniture combines the rare material and top technology, adhering to the traditional Chinese furniture production process, and the fusion of Chinese and western elements and the advanced design idea, get rid of the shackles of cultural boundaries, show the beauty of elegance, good.

two smell

most solid wood with wood. Such as pine, such as no turpentine flavor, camphor camphor taste but fiberboard, density board will have a strong excitant odour, especially in the cupboard door or drawer, when choosing so want to identify the advantages and disadvantages of oakwood furniturewith smell.

the fragrance of the grease out many insect ant dare not close, and it is this grease in protecting the furniture shine, make it shiny.

three touch

by hand touching furniture surface, whether surface grinding is complete, polished surface is smooth, whether to have the projection can be torn clothes, see if touch areas such as the leg is coarse, see if Angle of paint coating too thick.

this grease sheen outside will not fade over time, but instead makes furniture more and more light, and surface and a layer & quot; Gold paint & quot; , is used to protect its oil, carry bright.

4 pressure

light pressure furniture all stress points, make sure there are no large scar or crack, crack. Such as column, such as drawer or a shelf support, test whether the firm. Firm pressure furniture surface, no empty false, the feeling of panel flutter.

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