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The design and modeling of furniture of Europe type style is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-19
A, fine craftsmanship. Europe type furniture on the structure of exquisite fangyuan, thickness, thickness of the contrast is unified, the connection between the multiple components, reached the joining together seamlessly, solid level off, the contour line is smooth and natural. Second, the fine material. The rich los Europe type furniture of Europe type furniture is much use of precious wood, such as red sandalwood, hua li, rosewood, qi catalpa wood and iron pear hardwood, sometimes with nanmu, walnut, elm, etc. South of lumber quality of a material is solid, fine and close texture, colour embellish composure. The material has great effects on the model of furniture structure and appearance. Third, elegant. European furniture pays attention to seeking light stability, show interest in the simple, linear circular chang contains change. Furniture overall scale and proportion of each part is very practical and aesthetic of the organic unity. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture to explain in detail, about the model of furniture of Europe type style characteristics, hope can bring you help.
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