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The curtain of different material cleaning method is not the same

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-01
Not as frequent as washing clothes, clean but the dirty also still want to wash out the stain in a timely manner. The dirt of the curtain is usually dust is given priority to, material is qualitative different, cleaning method is different also. Of course, there are different taboo. The rich under the los furniture to introduce: hang long curtains of dust pollution, need to be cleaned, the following cleaning method will be helpful to you. Made of ordinary cloth curtain, can use wet cloth to scrub, can also according to the conventional method in clean water or washing machine to clean, use a neutral detergent. The fabric should be as far as possible dry cleaning, easy shrink is not convenient and should contact the seller, in order to enlarge size and finishing. Electrostatic flocking cloth curtain is not so easy to dirty, don't need to clean frequently. But if you do not soak it in water when cleaning and washing or scrub, only cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline wipe gently. Flannelette wet and hard twist wring of avoid by all means, in order to avoid fluff off, affect beautiful. The correct cleaning method is pressure with both hands to water or allow it to dry naturally, so you can keep the appearance of flocking fabric. Curtain head, curtains, soaked with water, then use of the soda water washing, and then use a mild detergent water or soap bath twice a day. To gently massage, wash with water rinse. Tidy up during drying, on a clean desk or framework. The curtain that canvas or hemp, difficult dry after cleaning, unfavorable clean directly in water, appropriate dips in with sponge to wipe back and forth of some of wen shui or soap solution, after waiting for air, coil can. Velvet curtain became dirty, immerse the curtain in first in neutral cleaning fluid, with handle gently pressing, wash after put on inclined frame, make water automatic drip dry.
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