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The concept of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-27
Small make up today to give you said about the concept of Europe type furniture. In terms of creating atmosphere, european-style furniture or the pursuit of solemn grand, emphasize rational harmonious serenity, or the pursuit of romantic adornment sex, and irrational infinite fantasy, drama and passion. In numerous furniture style, it is the most can reflect master grade is the symbol of the noble life. Europe type furniture material variety, with common teak, beech, oak, walnut, mahogany and other materials. In the furniture market, the real Europe type furniture is not much, a lot of domestic brands are wood frame, with density board, rare wood veneer or reverse mould making. Recently, exposure of Da Vinci furniture also is such. This kind of Europe type furniture cannot be called the true sense of european-style furniture, have its shape, its quality. Genuine european-style furniture, such as the UK Europe type furniture brand, d that emphasize the overall decoration effect, fully USES the pure real wood, whether ark class back, side panel, or the drawer board, even drawer guide rail is in pure solid wood, with no man-made board or other miscellaneous wood, is absolutely made of pure real wood to build the Europe type furniture brand. These peace refined furniture carving, the surface is very elegant and noble, full of artistic charm, mellow like poem, like a work of art. Well above is small make up to bring about Europe type furniture concept introduction, hope can bring you help.
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