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The color of furniture of Europe type style is tie-in

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-08
European style furniture always is luxuriant, contracted, tall fine different style, and also it is because of this that will attract the attention of so many people. But after furniture of Europe type style to buy back the but again there was a problem, that is the collocation of floor colour and furniture of Europe type style, you don't look down upon this color if collocation of good, then your home will be more gorgeous, if collocation is not good this time become very ugly, so Europe type furniture and floor exactly how to match, Europe type furniture under the small make up, you can come with us, please understand it, the color of furniture of Europe type style is tie-in. ​ ​ 1, the use of Europe type furniture is fashion now, so, we should pay attention to when we matched in household taboo deserve to act the role of improper use. To make Europe type furniture sends out its charm, completely without deserve to act the role of the foil effect, wallpaper, lamps and lanterns, hang a picture, floor, the use of home textile products should be proper. Lamps and lanterns is rounded lines, the light is downy, modelling is the lamp of iron art branch of of primitive simplicity is preferred, hang a picture part, the frame will not match the thick. ​ ​ 2, and we must pay attention to when using European style furniture, and some of the items on the bed curtain in the home, metope, etc. , shall be conducted in fastidious on collocation, so as to strengthen their coordination degree. Might as well use of tassel, lace for decoration, the ground must be laying carpet, choose design and color is relatively peaceful, avoid by all means is too fancy. Wallpaper can choose to have a heavy and complicated patterns, art stripe, floral design or has a story and characters. ​ ​ Well the above is the small make up to introduce the Europe type furniture, about the way Europe type furniture colour is tie-in, the small make up of Europe type furniture hope what to buy before the friends of Europe type furniture after seeing this article can correct their mistakes and, of course, this article is for those meters have also buy European furniture friends a little advice.
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