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The classification of Europe type furniture is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-20
1, european-style garden furniture pictured above the european-style furniture price is in 6000 yuan of rural style, European pastoral style home with honor, at the same time is close to the warmth of life. Soft sofa of light color is tie-in natural dignified and elegant modelling, make whole space appears more noble, make you reluctant to leave this world. Rural style behind Europe type furniture and elegant appearance atmosphere, fully display the charm of modern seiko manufacturing. ​ 2, European classical furniture, European classical furniture inherits the ancient temperament, in the every detail of furniture its lavish and temperament. Especially when the cabinet in the furniture is worth mentioning, wrapped with metal or metal cabinet corner, have played an important role in decoration and reinforcement, for the development of furniture laid a certain foundation. As above, the classical european-style furniture price is in 7000 yuan. 3 new neo-classical European classic furniture, European furniture and European classical furniture abandoned the complex technology and decorative, compared to the combination of classical and modern art make Europe type furniture is more elegant demeanour of modern furniture, show the elegant demeanour that set furniture of neo-classical European come alive.
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