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The characteristics of solid wood furniture mortise structure

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-03
Whether solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, Chinese style french country furniture, new classic furniture, European french country furniture, or elm furniture, mortise structure home have what advantage? Why are valued?

big mortise structure, the concept of

bases, namely the mortise. Ann tenon hole on the wood. Bamboo shoots (such as: sockets The mortise. Compared the joint of two parts) ; Mortise, or mortise. Tenon, bamboo, wood, stone implements or components using concave-convex way thru the bulge part.

simple speaking, mortise structure refers to the wood, stone and other artifacts using concave-convex way the two independent of each other implements split structure together. Usually by digging hole on the wood parts, and in another accessories for hole size in the same or slightly larger tenons, then stitching together. Mortise structure is has been in use from the ancient Chinese architecture structure, fully reflects the wisdom of Chinese ancient culture and profound.

features a: durable

mortise structure of furniture is to use the original lumber itself into with the characteristics of the bump. Rather than the structure of mortise and french country furniture will need to cooperate to make nails, screws, nails, screws, once rust, corrosion, fall off, then the furniture will be apart. So the structure of mortise and stronger more durable furniture is unquestionably.

features 2: environmental health

mortise structure of furniture in addition to natural lumber itself, and there is no other material added. Need it more than mortise structure of furniture all kinds of adhesive, glue can make. In a single material is more simple and more environmental health.

this is the real wood furniture is one of the most obvious characteristics of the mortise and advantages, convenient maintenance, of course, is one of the characteristics. And mortise structure need woodworking technology can not afford to ignore, it is a part of Chinese traditional culture.

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