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The characteristics of solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-31
( The preface] Today's society, healthy environmental protection has increasingly become the main melody of the society. Accordingly, real wood furniture is more and more get the favour of people. So, real wood furniture has what characteristics? Now, let's take a look at:

1, natural, environmental protection, health, solid wood furniture according to the natural and primitive beauty. is long long, from color analysis, lies in its natural color. Log lubricious furniture is natural, and no chemical pollution, it is the fashion choices of health, in line with the modern urbanite advocate nature's psychological needs.

second on the choice of material, domestic solid wood furniture, for example, species are: walnut, Chinese catalpa wood, beech, oak, teak, maple, oak, northeast China ash, elm, cypress wood, pine, etc. , among them with walnut Chinese catalpa, ju wood, oak wood, northeast China ash is most precious. These materials from the nature, reflects the harmonious relationship between people and the environment, designers are love with these materials, and add the people-oriented, based on natural; The modern design concept, we can more closer and wood, the distance between man and nature, give a person a kind of friendly feeling.

again, make environmental protection decoration, oakwood furnitureoccupies the market leading role identity and status. in the process of making, and compared those man-made board furniture, use glue quantity is quite less. With how many directly affects the amount of furniture of environmental protection performance.

2, long service life. Generally 3 to the service life of board type furniture Five years; The service life of furniture of real wood is board type furniture more than 5 times.

3, solid wood furniture has protection function. At the same time, can bring warm to household environment is sweet; , and thus is quite popular with the upscale consumers. It has the advantage of natural, natural texture, changeful form, french country furniture surface usually can see beautiful wood timber.

4, solid wood furniture has its own unique style, solid wood furniture raw materials from the natural personality, set in a natural essence, and the real show the distinctive taste of solid wood furniture, high-grade, thick, will enjoy a long history of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements, combining into furniture design concept, given new connotation for furniture, the french country furniture design more humane, practical, modern, create a new fashion for solid wood furniture, furniture of new tide.

( Conclusion] Choose real wood furniture, choose the health quality life!

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