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The characteristics of northeast China ash solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-27
Of material there are many kinds of solid wood furniture, furniture is the most popular in northeast China ash, cost-effective, is that most families can accept price, let's take a look at the below price is moderate, northeast China ash furniture processing and the characteristics.

1, wooden fine clean wooden coarser

northeast China ash, such as to make into furniture, want to use paint into dark ( That is commonly known as the waters; ) 。 Therefore, friends if bought furniture, painted in dark, northeast China ash must be cautious. Carefully examined the best french country furniture not painted dark wood ( Such as furniture lining or bottom) The wood. As to the miscellaneous wood furniture would not have northeast China ash french country furniture unique fine clean feeling. 2, wood clear handsome

northeast China ash, has a unique wood grain. The higher the grain the clearer. As for the beautiful is related to the choose and buy of aesthetic and aesthetic level. But one thing is for sure, like rain flower stones, natural decorative pattern on the surface of the pattern and the pictographic sex; The more the better. The pattern with the real facts in the world, the higher the closer the value. But not for miscellaneous wood furniture fraxinus mandshurica furniture unique wood grain.

3, color pure

northeast China ash type furniture had better choose color; Because this method can reflect the characteristics of northeast China ash color most. Don't change or hide wood instinctive quality surface coatings. Is easier to identify furniture materials is also true of northeast China ash, and the current type is ecru collection value of the highest in the world.

4, wood drying

the manchurian ash especially hard heavy, so the trees cut down, the water it is harder to take off the net. There are a lot of furnisher eager to profit, when wood is not yet dry, making furniture, and moisture has not yet to take off the net furniture made of wood, less than half a year began to deformation.

5, wood straight

because in the process of dehydration, northeast China ash wood easily gives; , thus there are a lot of wood of northeast China ash after dehydration, due to the bending deformation is not appropriate to act as furniture materials. But as a result of wood of northeast China ash is more expensive, so many manufacturers still use the deformation of wood furniture manufacturing. Several manufacturers, in order to increase the weight of the southern hard miscellaneous wood, in order to counterfeit fraxinus mandshurica, deliberately not to hard miscellaneous wood moisture in the air. If consumer bought made of this kind of wood french country furniture, loss is bigger.

6, components of

northeast China ash heavy furniture is quite heavy, on the premise of wood drying is heavier, the better.

7, beautifully made

northeast China ash furniture on the market at present production levels vary widely. Some very beautiful, some are pure rough. Whether made of exquisite, is one of the identification of northeast China ash furniture reference.

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