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The characteristics of Europe type furniture: furniture of Europe type style analysis

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-25
Today the small make up of Europe type furniture to give friends and those of you who want to buy european-style furniture, to explain, analysis and introduction about Europe type furniture style, hope to those who want to buy but that has not yet been determined friend some help. European furniture features 3: complex carving furniture 'baroque' has complicated and exquisite carving decorative pattern; 'Rococo furniture' although also very the attention carver, but some lines are relatively soft; And the 'new classic furniture' line is more lively, mainly applique to render texture. Europe type furniture characteristics 1: luxury decoration 'new classic furniture' or classic furniture, European furniture with tassel, embroidered cloth and rivets adornment; What is called the clothes make the man, beauty by ACTS the role of loading. European furniture features 2: bright color is Europe type furniture can be divided into: ( Furniture of baroque and rococo furniture) , said the color is gorgeous, to present the outstanding baroque furniture, colour is strong, as modern which gives priority to color with local tyrants color of color, appear glittering; The rococo furniture colour is soft, beige, white gives priority to color decorative pattern design. Well above is the small make up for the friends of Europe type furniture, about the analysis of the characteristics of the European style furniture, the hope can bring you some help.
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