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The characteristics and classification of Europe type furniture: furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-19
The small make up of Europe type furniture is to speak to you today, the basic definition and classification of the furniture. Furniture is made from materials, structure, style and function of four factors, which function is to guide, is the power to promote the development of furniture; The structure is the main, is to realize the function of the foundation. These four factors are interrelated, and restrict each other. Because the furniture is in order to meet the demand of people to a certain material and use purpose of design and manufacture, therefore also has the function of furniture and appearance form factors. A, according to the furniture material can be divided into: teak, plate, solid wood, rosewood, cane. Teak: high-grade teak furniture surface oil rich, feel sense of lubrication is strong; Give dig smooth surface color is through photosynthesis, oxidation and golden luster; Chalk line exquisite and rich. Low levels of plant teak colour and lustre is dim, lack of oil moisten, is making more floor material, so the teak floor color slants dark generally. Plate: refers to man-made board as the main base material board type furniture, panel for disassembling the basic structure of modular furniture. Common man-made plank are grain board, plywood, joinery board, chipboard, medium density fiberboard, etc. Wood: real wood furniture is made of natural wood furniture, such peace furniture surface are generally see wood beautiful decorative pattern. Furniture makers for solid wood furniture general finishing varnish or inferior smooth paint and so on to express the wood natural color. One is the pure solid wood furniture; The other is imitation solid wood furniture, is actually a mixture of solid wood and man-made board. Annatto, annatto furniture, also is a kind of solid wood furniture, annatto furniture is mainly refers to with rosewood, rosewood and ebony, gall wood, rosewood, chicken wing wood furniture, besides wood for making furniture cannot be called annatto furniture. Cane, cane makes furniture with simple but elegant color, bright and clean, cool, light and agile, etc. No matter in indoor or garden, can give a person with full-bodied local flavor and delicate and elegant temperament. Rattan material is very soft when full of water, after drying and particularly tough. 2, according to the furniture style can be divided into: modern furniture, postmodern furniture, European classical furniture and American furniture, Chinese style classic furniture, new classic furniture, new decoration furniture, Korean rural furniture, furniture of the Mediterranean. Modern furniture, modern furniture main board type furniture and solid wood furniture. Board type furniture is concise and lively, trendy, flexible layout, the price is easy to choose, the mainstream of board type furniture is a furniture market. Solid wood furniture refers to all panel material is again without the processing of natural material, do not use any man-made board ( Part of the board may use man-made board) The furniture is made of. Features: 1, contemporary and contracted style is concise and lively, practical and easy. Because minimalism 'philosophy of life is generally exist in today's popular culture. 2, the modern avant-garde style: rely on the new material, new technology, combined with infinite changes of light and shadow, pursue without regular spatial structures, bold contrast intense color to decorate, and soft material collocation is given. 3, refined: the owner of literary and arts, education have a special liking to refined doctrine. They pay attention to taste, emphasizing comfort and warmth, but asked for a relatively simple design style. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture brought about, the introduction of the classification and characteristics of furniture, hope can bring you help.
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