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The best ways to learn, and maintenance of solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-28

the first choice for many families buy furniture is solid wood furniture, the biggest advantage is to perfect the wood grain, and change the natural color. Due to the natural wood is constantly breathing organism, must therefore be placed in a temperature and humidity appropriate environment, so the cleaning and maintenance is essential for solid wood furniture, but also very important.


keep moist

the moist oakwood furniturecan not only depend on water to provide, that is to say, simply can't light with wet dishcloth to wipe, but should choose the furniture of a professional nursing essential oil, it is easy to be absorbed by the wood fiber natural orange oil, can lock the moisture in wood, prevent weather-shack wood deformation, nourish the wood at the same time, by inside and outside the woodiness furniture replay, prolong the service life of furniture.

to avoid direct sunlight

if the fine oakwood furniturehas been exposed to the sun, local fade easily influence burnish, beautiful, woodiness is too dry, easy to crack.

the north the weather is dry, should be appropriately increased humidity; The southern spring and summer monsoon humid, should notice moistureproof, prevent cracking deformation.

moves, will be the best, and don't inconvenient, otherwise easy to cause the leg foot, cracking and loose structure.

prevent dust

general use mahogany, teak, oak, walnut and so on make more high-grade log furniture have elegant carve patterns or designs on woodwork decoration, such as not clean regularly ash, tiny cracks easily affect beautiful, sulphuric acid and dust is to let the killer quickly grow old wooden furniture. Clean, must use wool duster first brushed the dust off and gently dry reoccupy wet cloth to wipe furniture, prevent dust particles can damage furniture surface. Expansion joints if there are impurities, can use a swab to clean up

wax regularly

every three months, for a layer of wax on the furniture. Before using wax polish furniture, we should check the lacquer layer surface is intact. For newer solid wood french country furniture, use fine cotton cloth to surface dirt rub-up, then use a small piece of cotton cloth wax polish out large area, with a larger piece of dry cloth again according to the circular shape will wax brush evenly, on the basis of don't leave a mark.

place the trick

furniture must be smooth, can tilt back and forth, otherwise easy to cause deformation of the furniture. Storage cabinet is too full, items not top and or have inclusions at the door, in order to prevent the furniture contorts and cracking; Don't open for a long time.

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