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The benefits of custom whole wardrobe

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-17

chest as required of tens of millions of families for clothes, from the experience of the chest to the overall transformation and upgrading of the closet, wardrobe industry also gradually segmentation from the household sector, become a huge scale contains hundreds of billions of emerging markets. As a household industry of the latest in a professional field, wardrobe market in recent years attracted many other household category and brand. However, in the behind of the development and prosperity of the market, consumers are why choose whole wardrobe, as well as how to select a whole wardrobe, avoid damage to the legitimate interests, problems such as insufficient knowledge on some. The above problem, hope the following can be the answer for you.

whole wardrobe has been growing popularity:

as living standards improve gradually, as well as the income increasing, Chinese residents have higher and higher demands are put forward for the quality of life. Reflected in the furniture, is the growing demand for overall custom furniture people. Among them, the whole wardrobe with personalized custom, good quality, reasonable price, are receiving more and more people's attention.

the deficiency of the whole wardrobe:

custom wardrobe, said senior designer furniture ( Chest) The design and manufacturing ( The choose and buy) , is the most important family is decorated in, is also the most complex kind of a job. As a big, expensive, durable consumer goods, play a decisive role in the success or failure of the family is decorated. The behavior of any haste and lack of foresight will influence the quality of life of owner and even health.

it is mainly embodied in the following aspects:

1, harmful substances emissions affect the body health;

2, production process problems affect beautiful degree and service life of furniture;

3, beautiful but practicality is not strong in the real estate value.

in the traditional family is decorated in, the way people choose furniture generally has two kinds:

is a purchase of finished product furniture: furniture store to buy finished product in the finished product is hard to match with the space environment, the style, color can't change with their preferences and decorate a style, more important, because the prices are now more and more high, more and more small family room more and more compact, that is, the use of space for consumers is particularly important.

second, woodworking scene produced: advantage is that can be tailored to do it, but the construction environment is poor, site management confusion, not easy to control quality, specialized in the design of the structure is not enough, and the material is uneven, the paint, easy to leave harmful gases ( Such as the scene a few months after decorating taste not eliminate, ventilation for a long time to check in) On environmental protection, it is hard to up to standard.

whole custom closet advantage:

custom and whole wardrobe both energy and customize, fully meet the personalized needs of consumers, can reasonable use a space planning, and can realize factory production, assembly line work, coupled with professional on the material more fastidious custom furniture manufacturers, hardware accessories and more use top hardware brand at home and abroad, on the basis of ensure the quality of the product, and functional and comfort did improve, to fully mix the scene of the finished product french country furniture and woodworking furniture advantages, and overcome the disadvantages of them, really realize the industrialized production, and can be tailored, and more environmental protection, fashion, the custom furniture is gradually changing people's consumption concept.

the personage inside course of study thinks, custom furniture like ten years ago, integral ambry at the scene of the field by the decoration company also. the, transition to consumers now have chosen and accept professional custom ambry brand, as the home market segmentation, featuring custom furniture by its professional custom, will certainly become a popular trend, choose custom furniture also will become a necessity.

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