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The beauty of the home life, stems from a true story

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-25
And the spirit of Chinese culture, if use a word to include, it is & ndash; — Home. If you do not understand; Power in the eyes of the Chinese, so you can never understand the essence of Chinese culture.

home in Chinese culture is a special word, always can let us stop to savor and comprehension. Decorate and decorate, whether it is home of a man or woman is from the heart to have different understanding and expression. Every family has a to belong to an own story, each people have each person's expression, freedom of heart, since at home. Lived in the body, habitat is the mind. The beauty of life is the result of authenticity, real wood french country furniture brand, after nearly fourteen years of efforts, the market on writing their own family emotional expression the furniture brands with Chinese traditional and modern combination. The feeling of home of

there is only reason called peace here. Why now in some home feel be agitated, we feel perplexed, or is in a hurry, because it is a shelter not at ease. Sometimes you will feel suddenly between life elsewhere, you of the home is very beautiful, but almost all is according to the show so to live in.

when a person is able to respect natural plants, and respect for animals, respect the moon spring flowers in this world, respect your heart the most real and honest desire, can cherish the roof servant of that kind of freedom, don't say this too good of an outfit and limit the children to run the surface, will not let the old man because decorate inappropriate places feel unwell, I think people get maximum free place is our home, is their own home.

today, we are all looking forward to the ideal home have time meet by chance, furniture of small owners prefer to sit in the bar side around a panoramic view, to find their own nest decorative inspiration; Like tinkering with round table under the four small stool, happy on each new look; Like a warm touch table polishing after injection, to experience life accumulation of natural and beautiful; And the pit of couch a quiet table, TV ark pottery little Eva, sat in a row and do old cowboy blue and combining the wipe jing & hellip; … Close again and again, gradually clear the outline of the house, return to the simple mood calm and pleasant feeling.

simple life, the heart of the calm, indifferent mental relaxation, yangxin raises a gender, the luxury of the pursuit of don't need too much, too much, just keep the joy of the mood, body and mind health, breathing the fresh air in the pure and fresh, good air can give a person with a kind of comfort and spiritual sustenance.

avenue to Jane, is the return to humanism, let furniture to return to the origin, so as to achieve the harmony of life, return to our family life for a better way of life and spiritual needs, and find the beauty of creating solid wood french country furniture modern.

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