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The bathroom wooden door maintenance is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-23
Bathroom is a place where home is relatively wet, ventilation requirement is higher, with each family living standard rise to decorate the bathroom is not just choose metal or ceramic tile, sanitary ware, wooden door favored by each family, but you should know that the greatest natural enemies of wooden product is wet, so how to prolong the service life of the wooden door bathroom? By the small make up about the problem today is to introduce a simple for everyone. 1: on the back of the protection is very important. In the process of choosing wooden door of the bathroom, the consumer must be attention to detail on the back. Adopt double decorative veneered backplane can completely avoid the density board base material after exposed, no longer have the opportunity to water from the cabinet put oneself in another's position on the back into the plate, waterproof is a good helper. Sheet 2: selection is the key. Good plank can prolong the service life of wooden door, want to choose a good bathroom doors, main material can't careless. Warm prompt: choose wood door plank not only need waterproof and moistureproof, conform to the state E1 standard of environmental protection material is the key to protect the family health. 3: installation process is in place. Installing a bathroom doors often need to digging holes on surface of wooden door, multi-function sealing side strip can tightly wrap sheet cutting edge, good waterproof effect. Warm prompt: choose good wood bathroom is only the first step. Water and water vapor is pervasive, want to be completely waterproof will choose the professional brand, do the waterproof moisture-proof from various aspects. More than 4: fine point observation. Choose the bathroom doors must focus on small part of the humanized design, this is the wooden door of choose and buy the success or failure of the key factors. Warm prompt: when choosing must not let small parts, wooden door production whether professional through observation of the details can accomplish know fairly well.
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