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The bathroom smell a solution

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-10

return flavour of the bathroom problem must be timely inspection and handling, don't look down upon these small problems, accumulate over a long period also will let the mood become very upset. Imagine if have guests home, but old smell a smell, isn't it very awkward, if there is the bathroom home return flavour. Below small make up to introduce the method, can completely solve the bathroom smell; The problem.


the bathroom smelly reasons:

1, the hygienic dead Angle: some nooks of the toilet, such as the gap below the bathroom ark and ground, the gap at the back of the toilet, etc. , these health dead Angle is not easy to clean, at the same time, it is easy to ignore in the daily cleaning, coupled with the wet moist, in the corner of other sundry bacteria, dander, hair a stink.

2, launching the taste: toilet water system, which includes the sink in the water, floor drain, toilet, washing machine for the two cases above, such as water, of course, different measures:

the first case, you need to often clean, ventilated, often keep the toilet clean health can!

the second case, is more troublesome, first to find the root cause, and governance.

it today and everybody discusses the governance of the second kind of circumstance.

before governance, make sense of what is your home water system: the appearance of a standard sewer system under the floor, that is your water system at the top of the pipe in the bathroom downstairs, your bathroom of sewage is discharged from the system. Be clear at a glance, from right to left, shower room, floor drain water, toilet water drainage pipe, wash basin and water drainage riser, always think you, all kinds of dirty water not all from the tubes, the taste, if the smell, really enough people.

the whole building is through water pipe main sewer down into the big city, if you want to keep the water flow in the system, must ensure that the air flow inside water pipe, so the sewer is extended to the top floor, if the top floor tenants in order to expand the use of the bathroom area, without authorization, change the main line, makes the air less competent canal, water circulation, is very easy to produce the phenomenon return flavour, a lower floor of households are more serious.

so, if you are a top floor tenants, to themselves and the interests of the whole building tenants, must not do STH without authorization changes water pipe; If you are downstairs neighbors, decorate in the attic of time also should pay attention to supervision, for your future use comfortable, in the front of governance, we must first find the root cause, which is exactly where the problem, how to do this? No other way, to smell, although all the bathroom was a foul smell, but there will always be a place stank of distinct, you will find the smell in the washroom obvious area in particular, find the source is governance, is the first floor drain return flavour, floor drain floor drain include wet area, shower floor drain, etc.

1, floor drain return flavour

the reason is very simple, your home floor drain sealing is not good, if your house is as shown in the figure below floor drain, or change it, change the deodorization floor drain.

2. The sink and washing water return flavour

in general because of outlet seal is lax and sewage system return flavour. In the seam.

the solution: use glass glue sealing interface, if you don't want to use glass glue can also choose plastic wrap joints tight.

3, closestool return flavour

the toilet return flavour is not common, but there is a headache. Toilet at the time of installation, the body and the joint of the water system will be installed on a seal, if the sealing ring in failure or shift, sewer smell will follow the seal gap back up, make people very sick.

the solution: this must be open toilet reinstall or adjust the position of the sealing ring.

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