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The basic types of the kitchen

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-13
In the kitchen decorate indoor when, must pay attention to the relationship between the kitchen and other family activities. Because the kitchen is not only has a variety of functions, but according to its function to divide it into several different areas. Kitchen layout of infiltration and integration with other space, in other words, in the modern residential kitchen is gradually from independent kitchen space to merge with other spatial correlation, the activities of the kitchen cooking function is not only a simple cooking, what is more important to dining, accommodation, and other family activities into the harmonious relation between contact combined.

basic types can be divided into two major categories of the kitchen, 15 kinds of forms. Two type refers to the enclosed; And open; 。 On this basis, and it ranked as the four basic types, namely: K type independent type kitchen. UK household type kitchen. DK dining room type kitchen. LDK living type kitchen.

1。 K type independent type

independent type kitchen is cooking efficiency as the first consideration of highly dedicated space, it has to do with eating, living, housework, such as space are separated. This type has three basic arrangement:

1) Standard: dining with kitchen walls, washing, cooking, cooking, storage, and other functions in one room. This form is the main form of our country at present the kitchen.

( 2) Partition type: the counter with a low counter between dining with the kitchen, from kitchen to table the food is very convenient, both inside and outside space as a whole, at the same time, the cabinet can also store items.

( 3) Food storage: storage and cooking the food to prepare as an independent space separated from the kitchen.

2。 UK household type kitchen

family type kitchen is cooking with housework work focused on a space. This type has four basic arrangement:

1) The family type: does housework in the kitchen is equipped with a desk, for a housewife to cook, side to write the math and reading. Its characteristic is the kitchen design well.

( 2) Laundry: equipped with laundry equipment in the independent kitchen space, can cook, laundry, save time.

( 3) The family laundry type: the above two forms, namely has the family table in the kitchen and laundry equipment, housewife in the kitchen of an independent space can've shackled, can wash again, very convenient.

( 4) Lady room type: put both have laundry equipment in the kitchen, at the same time also has a rest space, use for housewife clearance rest.

3。 DK type dining room kitchen of type

the cooking and eating together as a key consideration in the form of, is divided into five kinds of basic layout:

1) Standard: this form is the most common, usually has a table in the kitchen, cooking a meal in a space.

( 2) The counter table type: have a kitchen space in the kitchen and dining room with the counter connected, constitute a common space, convenient contact.

( 3) Type: fast table in the kitchen is equipped with tables and fast food counter, eat breakfast in the morning and convenient food is optional.

( 4) Peninsula ( Also called across the operation type) : the sink to the table, housewives can wash the dishes, watching family was having dinner, still can talk with them, make the atmosphere of family is harmonious, is a kind of form.

( 5) Island ( Also called dialogue type equipment eat) : work station together with the dining room table made island, owner can talk to repast person and equipment eat, is an interesting new form.

4。 LDK living type kitchen

the kitchen, dining, living in a room together, become a family of communication space. This type has three basic arrangement:

1) A type: in a room the function of three different cooking, eating and living space, separated from each other with french country furniture, space distribution, easy to use, more affordable.

( 2) Domestic space type: this form is characterized by integrating dining, rest, cooking form, with a fast food counter between the kitchen and dining, accommodation, convenient use, harmonious atmosphere, a traditional Japanese room atmosphere.

( 3) Semi-closed: kitchen with dining, dining with living near each other, space distribution, but separated again, see the kitchen from the living, constitute a half closed.

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