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The basic principles of furniture is decorated

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-29
Room furniture is decorated, should be based on what the french country furniture, the area of the room, direction and positions of the doors and Windows factors such as the layout. On the overall arrangement, to do size coordination, tidy and beautiful, give a person a kind of clean and comfortable feeling. In the specific layout should pay attention to the following aspects: 1.

Want to have a whole and balanced sense and comfort. Avoid too concentrated in one part of indoor furniture and appear density unevenness. For example, can be in bed for axis, using the method of symmetrical swing. The pendulum method has strong integrity, can give a person a kind of balance, sedate, comfort. Can also be used according to different requirements, the pieces of furniture are divided into several groups. This card, can give a person a sense of clarity, use rise more convenient.

2。 To adapt to the building structure, adjust measures to local conditions, and steadily the furniture in the area of the appropriate parts. This can make full use of the area, and can compensate for some defects in housing construction. The use of housing is concave and convex parts, for example, place the appropriate furniture, don't think that not only crowded, but neat and beautiful.

3。 To be both beautiful and applies two aspects. Such as desk should be put in the place out of a window, the light from the left is shot, come in to work; Bed is not against the light and put on the door, lest affect rest; High cabinet should not be placed in the window, lest affect ventilated, covering the light and the line of sight.

4。 To collocation is reasonable, easy to use. Some furniture must be equipped with together, such as: set of sofa or sofa chair together, easy to receive a visitor conversation; Long coffee table in front of the big sofa and a small sofa beside, easy to drink tea, smoking; Bed and bedside cabinets, desk and desk chair, put together, easy to use. Some furniture must to separate place, if the flower put together with the display racks, flower on the flower will block display, ornamental; Flower put together with the floor lamp, the flower will be chimney cover, both affect the lighting, and flowers. At the same time, to appreciate things also shoulds not be too concentrated, should be spread out, make it balanced.

5。 Proportional to the placement of furniture. Indoor furniture size should have certain proportion. This is to not only beautiful, but more important is related to the practical and comfortable. Such as sofa and tea table, desk and desk chair, although they are two pieces of furniture, use is as a whole. If the size proportion, neither beautiful nor practical, comfortable.

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