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The basic principles of choosing furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-24
Select the patchwork of furniture is not simple, want to consider many details, usually pay attention to the following:

1. To elegant, unified form a complete set. Due to the style of furniture, each are not identical, such as style, color and wood best complete purchase. Gradually add, need to pay attention to furniture of form a complete set or mutual echo, as far as possible do style, style, color three unification.

1) The unified style. Mainly refers to the Chinese style and western style, classic and modern, don't mix. Generally said, if a room decorate the western-style furniture, don't put the Chinese style furniture. Conversely, if layout is Chinese style furniture, also do not put western-style furniture. Otherwise, you will spoil the unity of the whole room style. But there are exceptions, such as western-style cover red sofa can match rosewood, mahogany set of a few annatto tea table table and desk of piano, but won't appear. Because on the habits and customs, and annatto tea table of the Chinese classic furniture of form a complete set of palace chair, has long been replaced by western-style sofa.

2) The unified form. Refers mainly to furniture style of a room should be as consistent as possible, such as furniture feet have tiger spoons, and screw feet, bent feet, straight legs, feet and so on. If a table is a spiral, chair is bent feet, feet and tea table is straight, it looks patchwork, very not harmonious.

3) Unity is tonal. Refers to as much as possible within a room furniture and tonal should agree. A set of french country furniture color is different, different shades, don't look very comfortable. If some furniture is not form a complete set of original, have different color, paint processing, can be unified.

2。 Pay attention to the coordinated and the surrounding environment. Equipped with furniture in addition to the three unified furniture itself should be paid attention to; Besides, still should pay attention to echo and the coordination between the furniture and the surrounding environment. From style to style, for new small room, should not be equipped with a large volume of Chinese style furniture, and appropriate equipped with small and exquisite modern furniture. If high kuo hall room of classical architecture, with classical Chinese style furniture, more antique, gorgeous. From tonal tonal, furniture should be fixed with indoor equipment ( The walls, Windows, floors, etc) And not fixed equipment ( The curtains and other decorative cloth pieces, etc. ) Tonal and consistent. When equipped with furniture, seize the mass-tone attune, prominent mass-tone to move, but can also be bold to use foil is tonal, make it play the role of complement each other. If only ever consider color around the furniture itself in isolation of coordination and unification, is often cannot achieve overall and tonal unity.

3。 To adapt to the characteristics of the occupants. Equipped with furniture to adapt to the career of habitant, characteristics and living habits. Career is different, also to the requirement of furniture is different. Habits and customs is different, use different requirements, equipped with furniture and different is enough. Such as intellectual, usually need to purchase the desk and bookcase.

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