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The balcony decorate design Suggestions both practical and safe

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-11

introduction: in the family is decorated in, of the balcony decorate a design should not only conform to the practical, also must pay attention to safety and health. In general, the area of the balcony is not too big, mostly around 35 square meters, is such a small space, should take the kind of flowers and plants, people activities, and other functions, and debris piled up so there must be on the design make reasonable arrangements, try to get all functions are implemented. In decorating a design in the process of paying special attention to the arrangement of the space. Can cultivate some potted flowers and trees in the balcony, as well as ornamental shade. Enclosed the balcony can along the mouth install aluminum alloy in the balcony or model steel window, decorate with specific functions, such as decoration for greenhouse for planting flowers and plants, or to decorate for the study, bedroom, etc.


home the balcony decorate should pay attention to waterproof

the balcony hard outfit key only two: the first is waterproof, the second is waterproof. The first refers to the balcony window waterproof. In the south, the construction technology of balcony window is often your family can ride out the key to the typhoon season. Balcony window waterproof, first to pay attention to the quality of the window, sealing is better. Waterproof box inside and don't make a mistake. If you don't have a window, balcony or your balcony window waterproof is bad, then turn to the second line of waterproof.


the balcony design five recommendations

1, take a piece of green space in the contemporary bedroom, people tend to stay away from the nature, so we need to add some more green in the space. Raise a flower to raise grass if you like, in the corner of the balcony can be designed as an exhibition of flowers and plants, small green on metope brick is the best background. Although the area is finite, but provides the owner with a good place for leisure and fitness.

2, double points that the balcony decorates a lot of houses have two or even three primary and secondary balcony, in the design of a family to decorate, double balcony to primary and secondary, avoid by all means is equally; 。 The balcony is next door to the sitting room, advocate lie the main balcony, function is given priority to with leisure. In the aspect of the use of decoration materials, also with the difference between sitting room is not big. Is relatively commonly used materials, such as floor tile, aggrandizement wood floor if closed well done, can also spread carpet. Generally use inside wall emulsioni paint, wall and top varieties and styles to match the sitting room, advocate lie. The balcony, generally with the kitchen adjacent, or with the sitting room, advocate lie to be interlinked outside the room. Once the function of the balcony is mainly storage, laundry, etc. Accordingly, when decorate the balcony can not encapsulated, prevent slippery floor tile, the ground to use are not afraid of water at the top and walls in exterior wall coating. For the convenience of storage time on the balcony can store content ark, so as to deposit sundry.

3, elaborate the balcony close the balcony with glass and wood into the study the small study that occupy the home, the green leaves out of the window as if within reach, as if will soon enter a bedroom, natural and bedroom just this little space blends on the balcony. In order to save space, desk and bookshelf and filing cabinets are designed to be compact and chic, offers both practical function, not much of a space again.

4, arc a chic and easy if is balcony and larger area is located in the top floor, should belong to terrace; 。 Can be at the top of the balcony and transparent arc lighting, can make the balcony used as a room. Sunshine is aspersed by mining plate to do with the culture stone wall, and the green flag paved the ground, lit up the cobble trail & hellip; … The botanical garden landscape, in the balcony, can give a person the thick recreational flavor.

5, the balcony decorate qiao brick crane beam in the balcony can continue to use traditional Chinese architecture; The process technique, make the two red ju wood beam; 。 And using exterior wall tiles, floor tile ground, the use of the color is simple Spain. Such internal and external combination, the depth of design, can make the whole atmosphere of the balcony is different.

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