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The autumn maintenance methods of solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-24
products, especially the real wood furniture products maintenance is not only refers to the a moment of wax, polishing, but in the use process dribs and drabs love; for use is natural lumber, Lin also like people, know the change of the environment, also sick, fever; Like a person to spend spring, summer, autumn and winter; , time is different, the emphasis of the maintenance is also different, today about the fall of oakwood furnitureand maintenance methods.

【 Autumn maintenance 】

autumn season as duty summer season 2 buffer, to do a good job in the summer sun after repair; , also want to prepare for winter moisture measures; 。

a, solid wood furniture still is prevented bask in autumn;

autumn sunshine is not so fierce summer, consumers can easily forgotten at this time for real wood furniture is prevented bask in; 。 However long time insolation and is inherently, dry climate, the harm of solid wood furniture is more big! Wooden easily too dry, and cracks and local fade. Therefore, the autumn or to avoid direct sunlight.

solid wood furniture put the position best can place, away from sunlight came in with a transparent gauze curtain or direct sunlight. So, do not affect indoor daylighting, still can make soft light for the bedroom add how much sweet and romantic emotional appeal, at the same time protecting the indoor furniture. So kill two birds with one stone, why not?

2, autumn maintain focus on moisturizing;

climate is dry, the person's skin will begin to appear the symptom of water shortage, at the same time give skin filling water don't forget to give his beloved keep moist solid wood furniture.

hydrate for wooden furniture is not to say that with wet dishcloth directly wipes furniture surface is water, and it is very wrong. In the surface of oakwood furnituregeneral paint film is thicker, so dishcloth alone is difficult to play a role. Should choose easily absorbed by the wood fiber professional furniture oils, such as orange oil, walnut oil is a good choice, not only can lock the moisture in wood to prevent deformation, wooden weather-shack nourish wood at the same time, by inside and outside the woodiness furniture replay.

wait to late autumn, some consumers may have to use smoke wet machine to indoor humidifying. At that time, be sure to pay attention to the moderate humidification, hygroscopicity characteristic of wood with environment change easily, so be uniform humidification, repeat the humidifier in ventilation, illumination is moderate, don't be close to the furniture, otherwise the hygroscopic and expansion of timber, dry again next year, the furniture will craze, mildew.

autumn dry climate believe that everyone has experience, when you take care of your skin at the same time, also pay attention to the maintenance of solid wood furniture around. The autumn air humidity is relatively small, indoor dry, it is relatively easy to maintain. During this maintenance opportunity, hurry for furniture care, and synchronization with solid wood furniture for the winter!

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