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The advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-07

( The preface] Today, small make up take you to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood furniture:

as oakwood furniturerise in price, the lack of all kinds of high-end wood, rubber wood began to walk into the line of sight of people, as the intermediate class solid wood furniture, has the following some advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood home.

( The advantages of rubber wood french country furniture]

1 itself is not a rare wood, rubber wood, is southeast Asia after the rubber farmers cut the gum old material used to make building materials and furniture from logging. Growth cycle is not long, generally 10 years to become useful, therefore can be said to be limitless reserve.

2, this kind of wood drying in the northern region is not easy to crack.

3, in the process of rubber wood to make furniture plasticity is good, so can make elegant, suitable for soft curves of the product.

4, rubber wood real wood texture is good, beautiful texture, uniform texture.

5, colour and lustre is light, easy coloring, can accept all types of color dyeing and coating, easy to match the other wood color tone, paint coating performance is good.

6, hardness is good, the natural high strength wear resistant performance, particularly applicable to the stairs, floor, desk, table, etc.

( The disadvantage of rubber wood furniture]

1, the rubber wood is a tropical tree species, no matter from the hardness, material, texture, performance is one of the poor tree species.

2, rubber, no peculiar smell, because it contains sugar, more easy to change color, decay and bug eat by moth. Is not easy to dry, not wear-resisting, cracking easily, easy to bending deformation, wood processing, easy deformation and plate processing.

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