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The advantages and disadvantages of oak furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-23
Oak furniture advantages of oak furniture advantages: oak furniture woodiness is hard, strong stability, texture clear, durable, make furniture is very simple fashion. Make furniture is very fancy, is particularly suited to do Europe type furniture. Put in the home also is very grade, grain clarity beautiful shape, is jiaojiao of furniture. Oak furniture advantages 2: oak structure is coarse, quietly elegant of colour and lustre, wear resistance, a large number of decoration, furniture, floor, etc. , have chosen made from oak. Practicality is the wide, strong water imbibition, corrosion resistance, also use it to make solid wood furniture has very good quality. Very strong, is also very long service life and save the value. Oak furniture faults oak furniture: oak material because at home is less, so the oak furniture relative prices higher. Oak furniture is a hard, in fact is also its drawback, the moisture in this furniture is not easy to completely dry, long is more easy to rotten. Used to make furniture is very good material, unique and beautiful shape, grade. The rich content of wood furniture in 6% 10%, after high temperature baking, belongs to the natural lumber, not easy to eat by moth, not deformation, not easy craze, more solid wood with constant value, guarantee the quality of furniture as a whole.
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