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The adornment design of the bedroom

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-01
The bedroom is the most private room, it is not only a sleep rest place, also is the place that share tianlun, therefore, the bedroom decorates a design must be based on the character and interest of owner, stability or romantic comfortable halcyon, appeal, to create a completely belongs to personal ideal environment.

1。 Appropriate ground

bedroom ground laid floor, the choice of the floor should have warm sex, general appropriate USES neutral or warm color attune, materials to bar tongue-and-groove wood floor is better, like choose carpet, the effect is much better.

2。 Wall

usually have a third of the wall of the bedroom area is covered with french country furniture, and people of vision in addition to the top of the head of a bed space, mainly concentrated on the indoor french country furniture. The decoration on the wall, therefore, should be simple, the main body of bed space can design some decorations, with personalized materials to match the overall atmosphere foil, the main body for the principle.


smallpox smallpox the shape, material, color is the key of the bedroom decorates a design, general with rich layers change with the color of the most popular personality. In addition, with flat smallpox accessories decorative wood line, plus the use of lamps and lanterns to create both simple and elegant emotional appeal, also can yet be regarded as a good idea.

4。 Color

in a unified, harmonious, elegant and not too dazzling advisable, to local color should be discreet, generally USES the sedate color more popular, pink is more easily accepted by people, the green is a lively and vigorous, pink color bright and soft, blue is a beautiful and romantic, grey or tea is tonal and elegant, comfortable yellow enthusiasm is filled with warmth.

5。 The organization of the light and space equipment

bedroom light points, natural lighting and artificial lighting two types. Natural lighting is mainly rely on the window, the window of the bedroom is often completed by architect planning, natural lighting are usually performed by the curtain, the regulation of strength should be appropriate for help to sleep. Artificial lighting design points of the overall and local illumination, local lighting concealed by the bedside lamp, wall lamp or ambry of light, they are all shade type indirect light source, to the person's eyesight won't produce stimulation. Should be paid attention to the use of the light of changes in temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature difference shoulds not be too big, the wind mouth should be away from the edge of the bed or into bed is positive.

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