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Tell you why children room furniture must use real wood!

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-22
Do you always listen to a somebody else say, children room better choose real wood?

today is to give you ( an) Prachanda ( li) Select the necessity and importance of solid wood furniture.

- Plank contain more harmful substances

at present, the majority of children furniture on the market only indicating the content of formaldehyde, and for testing almost no benzene, heavy metal.

- Formaldehyde emission pollution is caused by 3 & ndash; Reasons for the increase of children asthma at the age of five. Long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde, can cause chronic respiratory disease, eye disease, memory loss, in addition, also can cause heart disease in children.

- Benzene paralysis effects on central nervous system, causing acute poisoning. If long-term exposure to a certain concentration of benzene, can cause chronic poisoning, appear have a headache, insomnia, spirit is depressed, neurasthenia symptoms, including memory loss.

and some inspection report sheet contains only the harmful substance content, but does not contain harmful substance content, such as paint are greatly to choose children room furniture polish eyes!

· Coating color more bright-coloured, the higher the lead

the real wood plank tend to need more paint, the color more bright-coloured coating, the higher levels of them also, this is mainly caused by paint containing lead compounds, such as yellow lead and red lead and lead white, can keep the paint color lasting bright, was the cause of lead poisoning children room main source.

- Lead poisoning can damage human body systems and organs, and the harm to children is not reversible. In the human body, blood circulation of the more active site, such as brain, liver, kidney and so on, the easier it is to lead savings, resulting in damage. Lead on the nervous system damage, children prone to lack of concentration, affect the development intelligence, etc. ; Performance on the digestive system, can cause children decreased appetite, appear even pica and partial eclipse; On the respiratory system, children often catch a cold, cough, but cured; Among them, the more influence and harm to the child's reproductive system, are likely to make the function of the reproductive system. Infants and young children to lead absorption rate is as high as 53%, which is about five times as many as adults.

so greatly when decorating children room as far as possible choose light color.

· The advantage of solid wood furniture

1. more environmentally friendly

in plank, the environmental protection level from low to high alignment are: MDF, particle board, big core board, plywood, laminated materials, integrated timber, solid wood.

2。 Solid wood french country furniture including less

solid wood itself does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde harmful material, real wood furniture in the production process used in rubber, and resin with how much influence the furniture of harmful substance content.

3。 Solid wood french country furniture more durable

oakwood furniturecan bearing more than board type furniture, can paint many times repeatedly, the use fixed number of year of real wood french country furniture is board type furniture more than 5 times.

4。 The wood grain of real wood is more beautiful

also lies in its beautiful wood grain of real wood, not a piece of wood grain is the same, the more malleable and solid wood, can be carved different engraved designs used to decorate.

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