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Spring in March to decorate

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-02
Suitable for decorate spring, spring how to decorate? Small make up take a look at below along with the furniture. Benefits

spring temperature and humidity is moderate, use of wood and gypsum products, when decorate finished is not easy to be out of shape, craze. Stickup ceramic tile of mortar, cement due to temperature and humidity is appropriate, not easy also lost label, make ceramic tile stick more firmly. It is warm in spring and can open a window ventilated, the construction of besmear brushs the paint and latex paint, volatilization, dry faster, besmear brushs the roughness will be better.

whole house solid wood custom _ custom bookcase.

benefits of home decoration industry construction personnel a lot from the south, not adapt to the northern winter cold weather, spring temperatures warm, suitable for the workers to work in the south. After a holiday break, decoration companies or construction team open-minded, energetic. Designers will provide customers with a good design scheme, construction team also can have a good mental outlook, don't like homework at the end of fatigue.


a family to decorate a lot of good quality problem, all out on the moisture content of wood products. Whether real wood material or man-made plank, all wood products containing certain moisture. Spring weather conditions conducive to the wood moisture content control under 13%. Generally the moisture content of timber should be around 8% advisable, too high or too low, the change of the heat bilges cold shrink is obvious, thus affecting construction quality.

_ a whole wardrobe french country furniture four

benefits every house after the renovation, all want to open the doors and Windows, ventilation, make the decoration materials such as paint, formaldehyde of harmful substances, toxic gases and vapors, at the same time, the glue also need to dry in the process of decoration. The spring temperature is moderate, good ventilation, easy to volatilize, and the summer rain, the air is humid, decorate material easy case become warped, deformation. Autumn is dry, packaging material is easy to crack. Winter heating period is decorated, heating fee is not a small, waste of resources, increase the cost of decoration.

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