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Solid wood veneered furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-18
Veneered furniture, refers to the base material is man-made board, appearance made from thin sheet or paper cover furniture. Cover the material also varied, generally have a wood veneer veneer, wood paper appropriate surface, the paint film. ​ 1, wood veneer cover: this is the use of thin leather processing log surface, give a person the look and feel like real wood furniture, colour and lustre is dead, keep the wood natural color, texture clear, and long service life, synthetic substrate deformation, not cracking, low cost. 2, wood grain paper appropriate surface: through the modern laser typesetting technology, imitation wood grain production, simple process, high temperature resistant, not easy to wear and tear, cost lower than wood veneers. 3, paint film: veneered furniture generally use polyester paint, varnish, matt paint, resin paint, etc. 4, compared to other furniture, veneer furniture has a high temperature resistant, not easy to wear and tear, it is not easy deformation, not easy craze, beautiful appearance, strong flexibility, etc.
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