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Solid wood sofa three cultural realm

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-22
Completely real wood sofa take to import the original solid wood materials, the founder of the sitting room sofa, China takes the lead in bringing traditional Chinese family household life to international quality household life style, let numerous Chinese family farewell drab and hard living room french country furniture, into the fashion and rich artistic taste more era of contemporary household. Has been for years, visual synchronization with the international household development all the time, and form its own unique understanding of household life art, combined with the history of the brand, explore the future living mode, will be integrated into every product design development and production, the heavy sense of history and modern fashion in the product, deductive incisively and vividly. Is the star of the furniture brand sofa, the sofa is guangdong top ten brand sofa, the sofa leadership brand, famous brand in guangdong, guangdong well-known trademark, is the current domestic market reputation highest and guangdong sofa well-known brands.

sofa whole family values; As the change of modern consumption idea, consumer groups for the choice of products, pay more attention to human nature; At the same time, because now people more and more pay attention to the matching of household and integrity, they want to have more professional personage to help their combination, form a complete set, as if women buy clothes, she will hope dresser, help her from head to toe with good. For professional career; Is since its inception has been advocating the spirit of enterprise, so now not only do the sofa of the sitting room, on the product structure, also the main scene sitting room, hope to build and lead a kind of sitting room furniture culture, this also is given priority to with mass consumption, accounting for part of our largest market share. Let family reunion is a carrier of the sitting room sofa, separate activities because interest and family back in the living room, make unified activities, improve family relationships. The sofa of the sitting room culture is around the whole family; , family harmony, a prerequisite is to form a whole family, otherwise no harmonious nonsense? Whole families; Means through mutual activities, let the family have deeper communication and communication. The scope of activity in the living room, carrier is sofa. Sofa with whole family; As the concept of the dominant propaganda of french country furniture. This sofa whole families; Ideas out of humanistic care, it is a new kind of enjoyment, make people in the process of visit will also feel the warmth of home. Sofa three cultural realm is a kind of the doctrine of the mean culture, a kind of human communication. Sofa is the use of the user's comfort and the function and the collocation, formed the unique three cultural realm:

the first stage, the basic functions and benefits of sofa. Sofa perfect humanity function design, let consumer experience how to sit comfortably, sit health; The state of the second stage, sit, is spiritual enjoyment. We put the music massage chair is blossoming, for example, TV, air conditioning of the sofa chair out future, it will elevate sit border a hierarchy; The third stage, by care by art. This is the french country furniture brand culture, sofa loyalty embodies in a family communication culture.

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