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Solid wood furniture: why do you want to leave expansion joints

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-16
If we carefully observe some high-grade solid wood french country furniture, will find that the side panel in furniture often has a wide not narrow gap.

this gap called expansion or contraction joint, it is not caused by furniture design and production of mistakes. On the contrary, expansion joints is intended to clever ideas; 。 It's there, to curb timber heat bilges cold shrink; The physical characteristics, improve the service life of oakwood furniturehas played a huge role.

a, solid wood furniture, why leave expansion joints?

expansion joints, it is a kind of traditional processing technology of the Chinese classic furniture, with annatto furniture knows that a pure traditional annatto furniture is bound to keep the Ming and qing dynasties furniture fine craftsmanship & ndash; — Mortise and tenon joint structure, do not use a nail through the tenon and bases of clever combination of furniture parts assembled. Expansion joint is to when wood is affected by the external environment and shrinkage or expansion does not hold to crack the border or Angle of furniture tenon, lead to loose furniture parts, can't normal use.

expansion joint on the surface of the solid wood panel processing, it is necessary. Call it the artists seam or sewing process. For more on interfaces, and it is two different wood grain to place!

it is advisable to two, how much the size of the expansion joints?

the size of the expansion joint is very important, expansion joint width according to the proportion of timber size and end use of regional climate characteristics of furniture to decide. The width of the expansion joint is in commonly 0. 3 - 0. No more than 5 cm, more than 0. 5 cm is ugly, if the panel is not too wide, more than 0. 5 completely unnecessary, expansion joint is too wide, usually when making furniture wood not dry.

3, stay expansion joints are influenced by what?

in order to reduce the deformation of lumber, wood in front of the furniture is made of, there is a strict drying process, some could be baked for more than a month. Specifications of the manufacturer to control the quality of sold products in different areas of the water content is also different. Even so, in order to prevent deformation of french country furniture, expansion joints, or must be reserved.

wood longitudinal shrinkage is not big, two head generally don't like to leave expansion joints, some manufacturer seam is all around, it looks relatively nice. Because the seam has decided the furniture both wet and dry conditions have seam ( Wood longitudinal contraction, minimal at both ends, the seam is affected by the air dry wet small, expansion joint has been) 。 There are some manufacturers do furniture and without expansion joint, no not representative must not, because there is no absolute assurance, manufacturer of wood drying lumber moisture content is higher than general air moisture, so that even without expansion joint, making furniture production after have seam, and quite a number of furniture regardless of wet and dry season has a seam, just different sizes.

areas that dry humidity difference big all the year round, expansion joint is a must have. Different seasons, wood dry wet all stay with contraction joints, leave much contraction joints. Monsoon air humidity is big, although after artificial wood is dry, but still can absorb the moisture of wood in furniture manufacture process, the volume increases, generally do not need to leave expansion joints, even if no, winter climate is dry also can appear expansion joint; Spring and winter the weather is dry, after artificial drying wood for making furniture, generally take expansion joints, otherwise, the wet summer arrives, the big edge up bad.

4, other considerations

note that if it is solid wood furniture, so a desktop, board face parts, surface generally do not have sewing process. If you have, just used in two cases, one is the desktop board's frame structure, the second is the desktop has other special process or material. The frame structure was the most commonly used plate wood combination french country furniture, should pay attention to distinguish.

finally, remind everybody, expansion joints are solid wood furniture self-protection system; , size appeared not divide evenly without having to worry about, most will be restored after seasonal change.

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