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Solid wood furniture use water-based wood coatings is not scientific

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-28

( Preface] Today's topic is special, to challenge everyone thinks as environmental protection; The waterborne wood paint; 。 With today's topic, you will be in waterborne wood paint; Have a new understanding.

waterborne wood coatings because of health, environmental protection, once fired very fire. But, in fact, a lot of people don't understand, real wood furniture use water-based wood coatings, there is no scientific basis! Everyone's eyes only healthy, environmental protection, but not the details.

it is well known that wood is a living thing, there are a lot of pore surface, all the time to breathe! And waterborne wood paint is environmental protection, mainly because of its natural water as the solvent to the paint, and the common oakwood furniturewood coatings, the water as the solvent is used day to adjust the paint! Days that water is a very volatile chemical solvent, therefore in oakwood furniturein the face of what is to prevent not health! As long as after on furniture paint, basically vaporize clean on hold for a while.

and we want to ask, waterborne wood coatings used in solid wood french country furniture above why not scientific? And to listen to me slowly:

said before there is a pore of wood, all the time to breathe. And choose a waterborne wood paint spray directly on the surface of wood, water infiltration into the wood, what consequence can you have? Carefully think it is easy to understand, wood is easy to swell after absorbing water, causing the paint crack of large area. Accordingly, real wood furniture chooses waterborne wood coatings is not science!

however, we have doubt, why there are so many outside the use of waterborne wood lacquer furniture? And there is no I said to the paint crack situation? Then lift the confusion for everyone:

because there is no way to directly in the use of waterborne wood paint, wood surface as a result, a lot of use water-based paint furniture factory is a new idea. This idea is also very easy to think of: that is a layer of primer on wood surface, prevent moisture infiltration wood inside! Actually, a layer of primer, and many times to use or wood coatings; What's more, some manufacturers in order to save costs, incredibly use inferior glue will be covered in wood pores. It is conceivable that waterborne wood lacquer furniture may not necessarily green.

what has been discussed above, draw a conclusion: solid wood furniture with water-based wood coatings, there is no scientific basis!

in the end, hope everyone in oakwood furnitureof choose and buy, be sure to pay attention to healthy environmental protection; The waterborne wood paint; 。

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