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Solid wood furniture too effeminacy five major maintenance methods to solve trouble back at home

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-29

oakwood furnitureis temperamental five major maintenance methods to solve trouble back at home

the heat-resistant of solid wood furniture generally poor, so when use should as far as possible away from heat source. In general, try to avoid direct sunlight, because of the strong ultraviolet ray can cause real wood furniture paint fade; In addition, can send out a strong thermal heating, also will make the deformation of solid wood furniture, lamps and lanterns should be far away from as far as possible; Moreover, usually don't directly put the hot water cup, teapot, etc in solid wood furniture, otherwise it will burn solid wood french country furniture.

oakwood furnitureis durable, but the paint easy to fade. So we must often for furniture wax. You can use wet dishcloth some neutral detergent first gently wipes furniture surface, wipe down the wood texture, when you need to be cleaned up after, again with dry dishcloth or sponge dipped in professional wood wax is wiped.

waxing to center as the origin, first around again. The wax is best too often, however, a year Two is preferred.

mortise and tenon joint structure for oakwood furnitureand its important, once it has become loose, fall off, can't continue to use solid wood furniture. Therefore, at ordinary times should pay attention to see whether the joint parts fall off, degumming, a joint fracture, mortise is loose, and so on and so forth.

if falls off parts such as screws, screw holes can be removed, and then in the hole, filling a thin pieces of wood screw to mount last. If a joint fracture need professional maintenance personnel processing.

winter indoor humidity than outdoor rather higher, as a result, open a window ventilated, winter will only make the cold air outside to come in, make indoor dry.

therefore, suggest that real wood furniture is more families in the home, in the winter should reduce the time and the number of open a window ventilated, in order to keep indoor humidity. At the same time pay attention to real wood french country furniture should avoid placed in air vents.

winter cold, each family will be on the waiting list each heater to keep each other warm. Sometimes to near the heat source, unconsciously pull heaters to solid wood furniture.

however, these furniture fear of high temperature, long time high temperature baking, easy to lose wood moisture, desiccation, deformation, metamorphism paint film. It is best to real wood furniture is put in at least one meter away from the heater.

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