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Solid wood furniture renovation simple tutorial

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-10

solid wood french country furniture renovation repair of simple tutorial

1, the indentation

if wooden furniture appear dent, can use wet cloth to wipe, first have a look at whether inflation by suction, if there is no change can be wet cloth pad on furniture, iron at low temperature with the iron, recessed to puff up the place with fine sand paper to grind.

2, scratch

in oakwood furniturerenovation if in wooden furniture with scratches, can be coated with cod liver oil, wipe again after a day.

3, glossiness,

if the wooden furniture with long finish lose luster, solid wood furniture renovation can add 1/4 cup of vinegar with half a cup of water, or with alcohol, toilet water, tea, dip in on a soft cloth to wipe one or two, wipe the floor wax again, can make the wooden furniture to restore luster. Using this method can remove by marcel white marks on the surface of the paint.

professional processing of oakwood furniturerenovation simple tutorial

to the problem of solid wood french country furniture old refurbished, in fact, some furniture can through their own creativity to transform, but there are some furniture is in need of some professional furniture company.

these workers have rich experience in technical service for many years, the real wood furniture of knock, touch, break, crack, burst, damage and peeling paint, scratch, such as maintenance, renovation, and beauty: furniture knock against scratches, paint, sag, fracture crack, color, surface roughness, etc. , changing color, polishing, coloring, can be specialized to solve one by one.

how old furniture renovation: real wood furniture renovation method of simple 4

1, the old french country furniture will be moved outdoors, into a comfortable temperature ventilated place dry naturally, then look young, will be a lot of furniture, certainly not in the sun insolates, lest appear furniture craze.

2, with some of the heat source equipment, or a vacuum cleaner to deep dry and dust removal of furniture, and then in heavy paint or wax and maintenance, when cleaning, of course, avoid by all means is wiped directly with wet dishcloth directly.

3, for hardwood furniture has been eat by moth, we're going to use disinfectant to clean up the furniture inside the eggs, and then to furniture repair and maintenance; Of course the best disinfectant diluted, so as not to cause harm to the furniture.

4, for hardwood furniture surface paint damage more serious, we can adopt the way of polishing cleaning on the surface of the furniture paint, then paint brush on a new maintenance.

5, some old furniture modelling can also, but because of the color collocation is not good, is out of date, if we change the new color, would be different at once.

if the board type furniture, appearance is concise, can brush more bright colors, especially the pure color effect is better, with contrasting colors and similar color is given priority to, also can draw some design to grace for the furniture. If it is Chinese style with a pattern of heavy and complicated, and is suitable for brush white, because some Chinese style furniture and tonal will be heavier, archaic.

solid wood renovated the old furniture simple tutorial: DIY reconstruction may recruit


tired of the big plate of the cabinet, to give it to draw a pattern with a chainsaw hollow out, as the light in the shadows, design is not only rich and colorful and more administrative levels feels, the mechanical big cabinet immediately has a tender taste.

tips 2:

down coat cupboard door curtain with a mass of grass, the exotic screen is a combination of both. Actually very simple, to get rid of closet door glass, the grass curtain with one pin is fixed to both ends. The color of the floor lamp can refresh it along with the mood, often change chang xin.

move 3:

with the bamboo chair of generations, except for the sun to bring old traces almost intact. So put on a suit of new clothes for it. Contrast color collocation makes it tough bamboo chair and restore the vitality, on the balcony, shake, enjoy the goodness of life.

four tips:

the glass door of the quadrature in the compasses in a cupboard, add a circle at the top crown of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, brush on the pure white, immediately has elegant woman taste. Every detail to burnish, revealing the primary colors of the cabinet, there is a hint of nostalgia in the mood.

move 5:

two old Chinese style bed, remove the heavy chassis, one couch directly remove the armrest, become a stocky, the tea table of spell together another couch, painted white, relying on a bag with pure white, in the sunshine is so touching.

actually, real wood furniture old renovation method can also be through the creative thinking, small make up recommend furniture industry, in the process of renovated the old furniture to join some character creation, this not only makes the old furniture to regain vitality, can make bedroom whole feeling refreshed.

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