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Solid wood furniture production technology and process

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-15
In today's advocacy of healthy environmental protection, the advantage of solid wood furniture get fully embody. has unparalleled board type furniture healthy environmental protection performance, in fact, in other words, whether to meet the panel board cannot rival with solid wood. But, solid wood furniture has a formidable faults, is the production cycle and production process of irreplaceable cannot be omitted and the high cost of production. Then what on earth is a oakwood furnitureproduction process, I lead you into the following located in dongguan, guangdong famous brand of custom solid wood furniture solid wood furniture factory to meet typical mortise and tenon joint structure of solid wood french country furniture production process:


1, the material selection, feeding, transport is

2, bench plane straight side, then on the band saw open board

3, on board the background plane take straight (two side

4, plane are all fine by pressing

5, calculate the size of the mortise and tenon joint, crossed

6, with mortise and tenon joint machine or manual for the production of tenon and mortise

1, the production process according to the size of the drawings to cutting 2,

3 installation combination framework, basic forming after modified, with accurate size

4, production (such as drawer, door Ditto) material process

5, installation of various kinds of accessories, such as hinge, drawer rail, etc. , need to adjust the

6 for many times, the installation process is modified to fit the


8 whole installation is complete, removed parts, in order to make the paint

post-processing 1, whole polished need 2 - from 240 mesh to 600 mesh Three

2, both inside and outside the overall primer, need 1

3, grinding crack, perforation, sag and scar location needs a putty paste, mix oil ( Opaque paint) Need whole puttying

4, primer basic polishing off

5, the whole second primer

6, the overall 320 mesh sandpaper

7, main parts ( Panel, door and other main appearance) In the first three times primer ( Spray paint) , 600 mesh water sand grinding

8, the fourth times paint ( Spray paint) — — Paint, if it is annatto color need to increase the working procedure such as

0 to 9120 major surface water sand grinding

10, 5 times paint ( Spray paint) , namely, the second time paint process completed

11, paint dry after installed moving parts such as drawer and door


1, after paint french country furniture can have a little change, the need for quality inspection main detection:

1. Test for a smooth hinge, folding, such as track 2, the door to keep out 3 paint if there is a defect or

2, to correct the last

3, for the paint to dry, wrapping

4, transportation to the homes of customers, individual needs installation

paint production process:

material grinding ( 360 # sandpaper, grey) → Brush a head of stripping & rarr; Complementary color gray, Color grey grinding, 360 # sandpaper, and ash) → End of the qing (brush 2 times The second patch eye, color, grinding, use 360 # sandpaper, grey) → Brush 3 times stripping & rarr; Play the watermill ( 600 - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1000 # sandpaper, grey) → Spray, brush a head clear surface; ( 1, 600 & ndash; — 1000 # sandpaper, grey) → Spray, brush clean surface (the second times 200 - 300 # mesh filter) → Finished product protection

above is typical of mortise and tenon joint structure of oakwood furnitureis shrinking process flow. Through these I believe you can learn to log after countless spring, summer, autumn and winter, from sunshine, rain, wind and frost, the gift of nature's most natural bath, can become the nice wood; Real wood should pass carpenter master comparing countless times, polishing, brush color, enjoy the most delicate touch with moist, will become the most excellent furniture.

so, precisely because of these MATS, only can do: understand the wooden temperament, into a delicate texture; Knowledge of wood texture, into a touch of nature; Through the breath of wood into the content of their character of synaesthesia; Only do these can influence our reverence of mood keep wood; Touch the wood with a peace of mind; With gratitude mentality with wood; : in the common growth and integration of wood and wood for the home and the Good wood yangxin & hellip; …

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