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Solid wood furniture paint on why

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-02

natural solid wood furniture, environmental protection, a clear water gives lotus, natural go vulture act the role ofing. The unique aesthetic feeling. In that case, why the paint? Don't keep log color is more natural, environmental protection? Is not the case! Small make up today to give you science popularization the knowledge of real wood furniture paint ~

there are three kinds of oakwood furniturepaint materials mainly: oily wood coatings waterborne wood lacquer wood oil

a lot of good solid wood furniture paint, sum up with the following

protect timber

1 solid wood french country furniture wood hardness is bigger, so easy to burnish wen run of a smooth feel, touch of jade. If directly exposed, it is easy to scratch or wear and tear, jade texture, painting is equivalent to put a layer of armor on furniture.

jade beautiful wood, although in spite of his flaws, but its perfect appearance, more worth seeing. ;

even if is the same root out of the wood material, also have slight color difference, as the little imperfections in mei-yu, although not fatal; , but it is its artistic quality.

to furniture put on a beautiful dress

2 wood such as beauty, water embellish gentleness, see transparent texture. ;

prevent lumber deformation

3 moisture content had a great influence on the stability of the wood, wood paint seal surface, can prevent external water quickly into wood, also can prevent the internal moisture to evaporate too much, and let the wood internal and external communication slow, gentle, and ensure that wood is not out of shape.

let furniture more with more luster

4 if log directly exposed to the air, easy to corrosion and oxidation discoloration. After painting, wood is not direct contact with air, will save the fresh color.

handle delicate, easy to clean, maintain

5 no matter how fine grinding, can't put the wood tube seal, and these catheter can become the place of shelter evil people and practices, it is difficult to clean up. , after paint on catheter can be sealed and filled, use cloth wipe gently, can clean up.

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